Ginsburg Educational Coaching and Consulting

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Enhancing school leadership, instruction, and math programs

School Leadership

Instructional Leadership Coaching: Build internal instructional coaching capacity. Support includes training on coaching best practices, observation of coaching sessions, and post-observation conferencing.

Management Coaching: Elevate staff performance and morale through high-accountability, high-support management. Support includes observation; post-observation feedback; and strategies and structures for communicating expectations, providing timely and direct feedback, and soliciting and responding to feedback.

Staff Selection: Assemble a staff that will thrive in your school. Support includes developing and implementing an interviewing process that assesses candidates’ abilities, commitment to your mission, and potential impact on school culture. 

Strategic Planning: Articulate your school’s mission and develop a plan to achieve it. Support includes guidance on the planning process and strategies for achieving buy-in among all stakeholders.  

Data Analysis: Use all relevant data to drive decisions. Support includes developing reliable metrics around academic achievement and all functions and programs that affect it--such as recruiting, operations, discipline, and after-school programming. 

Collaboration: Ensure leadership and staff meetings pay off in meaningful and measurable ways. Support includes training on goal setting and action plan processes to which all team members are accountable.